Monday, November 12, 2012

A lot to catch up on!!

Time for another update on our family. I know that my last blog post was slightly depressing, but quite frankly.... "it is what it is" or "was"?! I am feeling much better about life since my last posting. I write a few blogs and I find them all to be therapeutic. I enjoy the responses from family, friends, and some total strangers. So, thank you for your input, it is always welcome, and many times, it is very helpful!! I will start this blog as usual with individual updates:

Chris: Working, working, and more working. He is enjoying his job though, and is helping me a lot with my new business... Ella Dean Design. He has also been helping his parents in Casey County with some remodeling of their home. He enjoys the work, and gets to have quality time with the boys and his parents and aunt Connie.

Jacob: Things have been great for Jacob this last month. He graduated early from high school. Actually he is finishing up this week. He won't walk at graduation until May 2013, but he won't have to go back to school. He has a full time job now with 84 Lumber. He loves his job and his boss has bragged on him since he started on what a hard worker he is!! God is Good, all the time! Thank God for getting to start over, repentance, and unconditional love.

Jonah: Oh, Middle school...Yuck! I have said it before and I will say it again.... Middle school takes your sweet little lamp and can make the act like a wolf. Jonah isn't quite acting that bad, but this is time in his life when he just seems to think that I don't know anything and he knows everything. He goes from happy to mad fast, and girls are coming around more frequently! Double YUCK!! I liked it when he said I was his girlfriend (that may sound weird, but it wasn't, he just loved me the most!). Jonah has always been a huge moma's boy, and he has cut the umbilical cord.... with an AX!

Jonny: He just turned 11, and in true Jonny fashion, he wanted a toy with wheels. He got a new scooter and a skateboard! And in true Jonny fashion, the scooter is already broken! He also picked out a art set with money that he received from grandparents. He loves to paint and draw. He is so good at it!! He is such a neat child!

Me (Bethany): I think that writing about myself is the hardest part of writing my blogs. I would much rather write about my husband, children, or business. But I have had some huge changes in my life, and I haven't talked to anyone at length about them. I have this issue with holding things in, and not letting people into my thoughts and feelings. I have very few people that really know me, and know everything about me. I have been disappointed by too many people in my life to let my guard down easily. I try to smile, and sometimes, I have to mentally remind myself to do it. Well, here are the changes... (so many that I will make a list...)

I quit my job at Madison Pediatrics! I know that this is a huge surprise to most of you. It still feels like it just happened yesterday and I quit September 17. I haven't talked about it much, because I still miss it. I find it hard to talk to anyone that still works there because it makes me sad! ( so, if anyone from MPA is reading this... that is why I haven't called or answered calls. I did have several reasons for leaving, and I know that I made the right decision for me and my family.
My business (Ella Dean Design) has been doing great! I have had over a 100 orders on the Etsy store alone, and I have recently opened two more stores on Etsy. I feel very blessed to have this business in my life right now!!
My Grandmother had a stroke a month ago, and has been in a local rehabilitation Center. She is literally the strongest person that I know!! She has worked hard every day to be able to get strength back in her left side, to be able to swallow, talk and walk. She is so strong, and such a role model to me! I honestly hope that I live a life of dignity, strength and determination that my grandmother continues to live!!
I have enrolled at EKU to start back to college to get a second degree. I will start January 2013. I am looking forward to being able to work my schedule around my kids, and my business. My grandmother always said that in life that people can take a lot from you, but they can't take your faith or your knowledge. She is so right!

I will try to let everyone know what is going on with us more often, or at least not hold out on my information. Thank you for reading, and make sure that you give me some feedback!!

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